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The brains behind HubSHAC


Who are we?

Our HubSHAC members are on a mission to provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with comprehensive, dedicated HubSpot support. Armed with years of experience, these senior practitioners are committed to helping clients achieve their goals whilst getting the biggest bang for their buck from this innovative portal.

Each equipped with their own array of specialisms and superpowers, they are here to help. Let’s learn more about the team…


Jonathan Price

HubSpot CRM and marketing automation consultant, London, UK.

I set out in early 2017 as a solo B2B marketing, sales and CRM consultant and I’ve worked with dozens of high growth companies since. Prior to consulting I gained 15 years of frontline sales and marketing management experience across a variety of roles and industries. This provided the core expertise I use in my consulting to help bridge the gap between sales, marketing and customer success teams. 
In my early consulting days I was platform agnostic, I’d use whatever CRM or marketing automation tool the client had or wanted. But time and time again I saw how HubSpot was in a league of its own when it came to delivering optimal results. Which is why I chose to become a certified HubSpot partner and now work exclusively on HubSpot projects. I’ve become an advanced specialist, especially when it comes to helping businesses switch to HubSpot for the first time.
My key strength is helping businesses to grow and scale through top class CRM strategy, sales and marketing alignment and marketing automation. I specialise in HubSpot customisation, implementation and onboarding across marketing, sales and customer service hubs. My goal is to ensure each business I work with gets the best out of their investment in HubSpot.
Outside of life as a CRM consultant, I love spending time with my amazing Italian wife and two kids who keep me entertained and busy in equal measure. I enjoy DIY, the outdoors, travel and am unashamedly fond of ice-cold good quality beer. Saluti!

Amanda Kinbrum

Engineering marketing consultant, Birmingham, UK

My early career started as a traditional PR consultant for global businesses, where I ran campaigns that generated coverage in the media. After losing my Mum in 2007, I left the London agency scene and partnered with an engineer, as we recognised that there was a lack of services that had in-house engineering knowledge with the expertise to communicate technical concepts clearly.
I started using HubSpot for ourselves back in 2018, and after seeing the results in the first three months, signed up to become a HubSpot partner! Initially we used the CRM and Marketing Hub, but have since expanded to the full CRM Suite. 
My strength lies with a combined knowledge of engineering and marketing. Having been in the industry for over 15 years and almost finished an engineering degree, it’s unique to have a fundamental understanding of engineering, an ability to write technical copy and strategic marketing experience. This puts me in a great position offering high-level consultancy as well as content creation, HubSpot implementation, inbound marketing and media relations.
Outside of work, my time is taken up by my two small children (aged eight and six) - a constant juggling act getting them both to their various sporting and play date activities! I also fit in studying - a part-time engineering degree and I already have my sights set on the masters!

Indira Carino

CRM and Revenue Operations Consultant  -  Dublin, Ireland.

I'm the Head of Growth at Cat Media Ireland; with 12 years of experience in Communication and Project Management. I have worked in various industries, including technology, healthcare, and retail. I manage projects from end to end, working closely with the content creation and operation teams while nurturing relationships with clients to help them achieve their goals.

I consider myself a mindful individual but also competitive; my background in content creation, design, and management has allowed me to develop my career in other areas. I am very passionate about learning something new every day and applying it. In 2019, I became a HubSpot Solution Partner to help businesses grow better by helping them strategise their data and processes, helping them visualise their entire revenue cycle, and aligning front-facing teams' operations to generate more leads and customers. I love to learn new things. I plan to continue developing myself, transmitting knowledge to others, and absorbing new information daily. I like to practise yoga and meditation daily to connect with myself and remind me that the present moment is the most important.

Tony Dowling 

Sales and CRM consultant, Swansea UK 

With more than 30 years in sales and marketing, media and senior management I have a wealth of business growth experience. Nowadays I work with my long time friend and partner Mark Hullin, in a small Inbound agency we jointly founded three years ago. 
I’ve used HubSpot for the sales teams I’ve run and for myself as my own CRM for my various consultancy roles for around 10 years or so, and recently I have studied and practiced in all Hubs, but retain a specialised interest in CRM. 
My favourite thing about hubSpot is how easy it is to use.
Many of our clients share the same story.  Nearly all want to grow that business and are starting to hit a block. Maybe their marketing isn't working any more (or at all). Maybe there are too many demands on their time outside of the growth of the business.
And anyway, there are far too many fires they need to put out and needing to do so prevents them from thinking about how to fix the main problems that are holding them back. Or worse, they don't yet understand what those problems are. The specific ones that if they were able to unlock, would lead to the sort of growth they know they, and their business is capable of. That's where we come in.
Outside of work I ride motorbikes and read sales, marketing and personal development books while hanging out with my wife and two 17 year olds (twins).

Alex Atkinson

CRM, automation and sales strategy specialist, Chester UK

My journey began as a lecturer and learning coordinator in higher education specialising in coaching and sport. In 2015 I took on an entirely new direction and got into the world of business quickly progressing to be a director of sales and marketing within three years.
My initial engagement with HubSpot was as a customer using the software to develop SaaS products and coordinate teams in the UK advertising space. This experience made me realise there was an opportunity for HubSpot consultants who offered a personal, local and hands-on approach with clients - ThinkCircle was originally formed to take on this challenge. 
It was clear to me from an early stage that  the HubSpot product was on a different level due to the rate positive change and their commitment to aligning all aspects of business in one place.  Companies looking to expand need a system that can unite both sales and marketing with their vision - HubSpot wins in this area time and time again.
I have lead on major HubSpot change projects in travel, healthcare, construction, events and finance. The core services I provide are hands-on CRM strategy implementation with a focus on sales and marketing pro, as well as training services built around showing sales and marketing teams how to leverage HubSpot in their day to day life.
Outside of work you'll find me in one of three places; either watching Manchester United, exploring the Welsh countryside on a camping trip or down the local pub.

Martin Angeletti

HubSpot CRM Software and Services Specialist (Nomad, Now: Lagos, Portugal)

A System's Engineer with a Masters degree that dropped the "IT Manager" role and set out to build an agency. This was 12+ years ago.  At that time I found HubSpot, and applied to be a partner. And voila.
HubSpot wasn't what it is today, but looked very promising. At the time we were focused on advertising and email marketing, and were experimenting with other tools as well.
What I like about Hubspot today:
  • Process enablement: You really can talk about connected processes that run on the CRM, and not about the tool.
  • Simple Tech-stack for companies: having less tools really reduces complexity. 
  • We focus on our strategic and technical expertise.
  • HubSpot CMS has been a good business for us.
  • Integrations are quietly ramping up.
What do you like to do outside of work?
I travel (and work) around the world now. Move every 4-6 months. I'm really curious. Read a lot. Fiction and not fiction.
Like to read in different languages. So far: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and a little French. Duolingo is my favourite phone app.
I'm always learning something new.
I like to run. I'm running a half marathon in Lisbon in 2 months.
I like trail running better (the outdoors, the sights). 
My longest run was a 100k race in 3 consecutive days.
I used to play Polo (that's a fun fact) back in Argentina.
Now I surf.
Recently started Yoga. 
Love it.

David Frew 

HubSpot CRM and Sales Growth Consultant, Oslo, Norway. 

I started my consultancy in 2015, as a solo B2B sales and CRM consultant, focusing on high-growth tech start-ups and scale up companies.
Prior to consulting, I worked in frontline sales and business development roles across a variety of industries and countries. Along the way, I have successfully launched 4 start-ups (including 2 non-profits) and become fluent in 5 languages, and I am currently learning Mandarin. These unique international and industrial experiences enable me to add value at every step in a client’s growth journey.  
I began in sales and business development in the early 80s & have used CRM since the mid-90s. Over the years, I have seen some things...not all of which were pretty. When I first came across HubSpot, I was immediately impressed by its functional richness and ease of use. My clients appreciate these things, too.  
It was an easy business decision for me to become a Certified HubSpot Partner, enabling me to become an advanced specialist in customisation, implementation and onboarding across the Marketing and Sales Hub & CRM.  
My clients engage me for a range of mentoring, coaching, consulting &/or training. The result for my clients is always the same: more revenue, more predictability, more profitability.  
My key strengths are enabling clients to grow and scale more quickly, with frictionless, innovative growth strategies via world-class CRM, sales & marketing alignment, and marketing automation.  
Outside of work, I enjoy music (performing & listening), snooker, golf, DIY and gardening.

Niall Parfitt

Growth and CRM strategy consultant, Banbridge, Northern Ireland.

I’m a digital consultant with over 20 years of experience in digital and inbound marketing having worked with a wide range of businesses from large organisations to SME’s including An Post, StatSports and Queen’s University. 
I’m a Asana Pro Partner helping businesses manage projects effectively. I am experienced in all areas of inbound and a Platinum-certified HubSpot solution partner. I’m also a specialist in LinkedIn, Lead Generation and B2B marketing. 
I completed an MSc in Organisation and Management from Queen’s University, Belfast and a professional diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). I also hold a BA in Business and Management and was awarded the Belfast Telegraph prize for Marketing.  In addition, I have over 25 certifications in HubSpot. 
On a personal level, I am deeply passionate about giving back and regularly fundraise for the Children’s Heartbeat Trust by completing the Belfast and Dublin Marathons. I am on the Board of Trustees for Headliners a charity supporting young people in the UK and Northern Ireland, The Halifax Foundation NI, part of the Lloyds Banking Group supporting charities in Northern Ireland, and The Children's Heartbeat Trust. I am also an Area Leader for the Federation of Small Businesses.
Finally, I’m a big football fan and love craft beer!

Charlotte Osborne

Inbound strategist and PPC consultant - Brighton, UK.

I have more than 15 years of experience in marketing, fulfilling a variety of roles agency side where I have largely concentrated on service delivery and overseeing client relationships. I am also committed to ensuring my clients get the biggest bang for their buck. Before then, I worked in sales-focused roles – hence my fascination with HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales Hubs and how they work seamlessly together.
I first started using HubSpot four years ago. I was looking for a CRM solution for my agency at the time, and HubSpot immediately seemed like a good fit. As soon as I onboarded my company, I started playing around with more and more of the sophisticated tools, especially with regards to automation. We were able to make huge efficiency gains by taking the time to understand what process we could automate. This was incredibly exciting, and we couldn’t wait to show our clients. Now, we are helping other businesses think in the same way.
The world of marketing is vast and continually evolving, and whilst I like to keep a close eye on trends and activity across the entire sector, my key strengths are paid media, automation, HubSpot implementation and onboarding. I also enjoy mapping out dedicated campaigns in Sales Hub – you never lose the buzz of progressing a lead and securing a sale!
When I’m not at work I can be found on the netball court or enjoying long walks on the South Downs. I also love binging through box sets – let me know if you have any recommendations!


Mark Hullin

Inbound marketing consultant, Swansea UK

Over 30 years marketing background, focusing on digital marketing since 2007 when I launched my first digital agency, specialising in SEO, web development, paid media and of course Inbound marketing. More importantly I have real-world experience of running businesses and blue-chip units, with experience in several sectors including technology, retail and franchising.

My first encounter with HubSpot was jumping in the deep and becoming a HubSpot partner in 2015. Inbound marketing methodology clearly represented the most effective digital marketing approach, so I decided to take the risk and move my then agency 100% to Inbound and HubSpot.

HubSpot is now more than a CRM or Inbound Marketing tool. It's a "growth platform" encompassing all attributes of your business whether it is lead generating or lead nurturing, marketing or sales, servicing clients and building websites, or above all relationship building with clients.

The bullet points of my client-facing role these days tends to focus on managing the delivery of Inbound Marketing solutions, from Buyer personas and content planning & creation, through to automation, technical SEO and website development. However, I would describe myself as a customer first marketing consultant.

When not in the office I tend to spend my time chasing 80’s rock idols around the country, enjoying the outdoors, keeping fit (just joined a CrossFit Box as they call it) and spending quality time with my family.

Chris Dolan

Inbound strategist and consultant - Brighton, UK.

After cutting my teeth as a reporter and editor, I embraced agency life by shaping and leading PR and communications strategies for a host of market-leading businesses. I now focus on creating engaging inbound campaigns that deliver true ROI, enabling my clients and customers to develop and grow their market presence.
I was first introduced to HubSpot by an existing client who had previously monitored its growth whilst investing in new digital platforms. I was really excited by the way users could access data that demonstrated tangible results from inbound marketing – which is incredibly important for those looking to make informed business decisions.
I love the platform, especially Marketing Hub, and the ability to seamlessly execute dedicated inbound marketing campaigns using several tools – from social media and blogs to intelligent landing pages and email marketing. I love the joined-up approach and how that lends itself to a positive user experience.
My key strength is using my creativity and experience as an editor to create compelling content that drives engagement. I continue to support a variety of highly successful companies across multiple sectors, including logistics, events, education, technology and facilities management.
I have two young children and a ridiculously active dog, which keeps me incredibly busy. I try to keep fit by playing in a Brighton football league (although I’m in the autumn of my career) – and I also have a season ticket at Tottenham Hotspur (my first love!)

Juan Zabala

CRM architecture and integrations consultant - Dublin, Ireland.

When my dad introduced me to computers at the age of seven, it was love at first sight; since then, I’ve been using computers to create.

As a HubSpot partner since 2019, I’ve been fully dedicated to HubSpot implementations and integrations, focusing on data management, revenue operations, and CRM architecture. In addition, I help businesses to optimize their use of technology to drive growth and success.  My expertise in these areas has helped many companies to improve their performance and achieve their objectives.

With several years of experience in the field, I have a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals.

I’ve also worked on creating 3D animation and video, adding a creative aspect to my skill set. 

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland, and I work with clients from various industries, helping them optimize their use of technology to drive growth and success. 

I’m dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest technological developments, constantly learning new skills and finding ways to improve my knowledge and expertise. 
My goal is to impact the industry positively. 

Pirkka Prami

HubSpot CMS and demand generation consultant, Helsinki, Finland

My background is in Retail and eCommerce marketing for large Nordic retail chains. I started Prami Growth Agency back in 2005 after working for one of the biggest Nordic marketing and branding agencies Kunde & Co.

During the first ten years, we produced a massive amount of advertising ranging from print to out-of-home display advertising to all possible digital channels. These years taught us the importance of solid processes. In this highly fast-paced production environment, there was zero room for errors. Yet, we needed to be creative and agile.

I was first introduced to HubSpot in 2015 and decided to join the Partner Program. This decision started our transition from a traditional advertising agency to a growth consultancy company. Today we consult companies from many industries, professional services, IT and technology companies, SaaS, and startups.

Hanna Prami

Strategist, Helsinki, Finland

I started my career in Marketing in 2005 by working at Microsoft Finland. At that time, I worked with a global marketing platform enabling B2B marketers to reach their audience with the right message at the right time and to leverage data and analytics for more efficient marketing activities. Sounds awfully familiar, right?

During the past 15 years, I've worked in various marketing positions, from B2B marketing to marketing technology, paid social media, paid search, and organic social. I joined Prami Growth Agency in 2016. At Prami, we are helping technology companies, professional services, and SaaS companies reach their growth goals through strategic marketing and streamlined sales utilising HubSpot technology. One of our core skills is the HubSpot CMS; we design and develop websites that run on the HubSpot Content Management Software.

I am a Master of Social Sciences and a Master of Arts, which gives me tools to understand the various, sometimes complex, contexts our customers operate in. I enjoy working on both the more strategic level, researching and making marketing plans, but also taking care of the specific marketing channels, like paid social, paid search, or email marketing.